Giant Gains - Giant Results!
You too can be "a Giant" with
Giant Sports International Products.

To be the best at whatever you do, wherever you do it, however you do it, whenever you do it is truly to be a giant. With your hard work, determination, a "never surrender" way of life, and with the intelligent use of our products, we can help you become a giant if you're not and stay a giant if you are already.

Our Guarantees to All Our Clients, All Our Friends!

1. The cGMP Guarantee?
A Higher Quality Than the Rest

All Giant Sports International products are always made in facilities that are in compliance with United States 21 CFR 111 (cGMP for Dietary Supplements) and all facilities have been visited by Giant Sports International staff before these facilities have been allowed to produce any of our branded products. All of our current manufacturers also hold NGO certification after being audited by the NSF®. For more info click here.

2. Quality Ingredients!?
Our Standards Are Among the Best

Our standards are among the best. Whenever and wherever possible, Giant Sports International uses branded, highest-quality available active ingredients in our products. Some of the branded ingredients we formulate into our products come from companies such as Albion Minerals®, Lonza®, Bergstrom Nutrition®, and many others.

3. Questions About Our Products??
No Hassle Return Policy

We welcome questions and comments from everyone about our product line. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions or inquiries. Thank you!